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Escrito por AJUSA: 30 Abril de 2018
  • The formation of AJUSA is not only face-to-face. From now, you can also do it online through webinars.
  • These online courses will improve your knowledge about the engine components characteristics and their assembly.



Clients of AJUSA can receive training without leaving home. AJUSA has enabled an online platform for technical seminars through which it will provide a complete training on the characteristics of AJUSA products and their assembly.


The objective of this initiative is that customers, educational centers of mechanics, professionals of the automotive sector receive professional training that improves their knowledge and allows them to acquire new work tools for their day to day.


Soon, AJUSA will enable on its website a calendar with the next webinars. At our social networks, you could also be informed about the dates and the theme of each seminar. However, customers who are interested in receiving personalized online training can request a session by sending an email to or


In addition to online training, AJUSA travels to the client’s facilities to provide face-to-face technical training, makes factory guided visits so that the client knows the production processes, and makes available a complete guide of technical reports that is updated with a new TIP every fifteen days. DOWNLOAD LAST TIP


The training material that AJUSA makes available, also includes a video tutorial in which a mechanic explains step by step the assembly of the different engine parts. Every 15 days, you can find a new video with a different engine.




Last training AJUSA online. Webinars

The students of 1st Electromechanics and Automotive of the Integrated Center of Professional Training Rio Tormes of Salamancahave recently received an online technical seminar. Our technical department explained the main characteristics of the AJUSA products, the reasons for failure and the recommendations for its assembly.





Face-to-face training AJUSA

AJUSA has also recently visited the Gaudi Recambios y Accesorioscustomer facilities in Valls and Lliça del Vallés. During this visit, the technical assistance department teached a technical seminar about the assembly of the different products that are manufactured in AJUSA, such as head gaskets, bolts, hydraulic lifters, camshafts, oil feed pipes and turbo fitting kits.




The commitment of AJUSA with its client and with the professionals of the automotive sector does not end here. Our technical assistance department also offers solutions to your questions or queries. You can send your question to or




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