7 tips to use less petrol with your car

Escrito por AJUSA: 10 maio de 2018

To spend less fuel not only affects our pocket. When our vehicle consumes less petrol, we are contributing to take care of the environment because our cars emit less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It’s no use that our cars have efficient engines if our driving and our habits in the road are not.


For this reason, AJUSA has decided to write a list of tips that will help you practice more efficient driving.


1. Check the tire pressure. The wheels of the vehicle must be inflated to the pressure indicated by the manufacturer and according to the weather conditions. If not, the engine will need to make more force and we will spend more petrol.


2. Make sure the coolant and oil are at your level. A poorly cooled or lubricated engine always spends more. Also, if the oil filter is not clean, it can increase the consumption considerably.


3. Plan your trip. Try to take a map and know the status of the races. It is important to be informed if there are works or retentions; traffic jams increase fuel consumption.


4. Check the weight of the luggage. A overload directly affects the total consumption of the trip. For example, driving with 100 kilos of unnecessary weight, increases 6% petrol consumption in a medium-sized car. Also keep in mind that the elements that racks or bike racks affect negatively to consumption. Avoid them whenever you can.


5. Maintain a regular speed. Fuel consumption grows exponentially with speed. Not only will you avoid a fine if you drive below the legal speed ratings, it will also reduce fuel consumption.



6. Accelerating or braking sharply increases fuel consumption. Avoid unnecessary braking, acceleration and gear changes. For example, AJUSA advises you to lift your foot off the accelerator and let the vehicle roll with the gear engaged when you want to slow down. 


7. Be careful with the air conditioning! On the road, don’t open the windows as it increases the cost of fuel more than if we turn on the air conditioning. Try to set a reasonable average temperature, neither too low nor too high. If the temperature is too low, we force our system to work more and need more petrol.


The last advice that AJUSA gives you is that you try to fill the deposit before the start or end date of the holidays. The petrol companies usually raise the price of fuel these days.






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